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Hardscaping Contractors in Jacksonville

Our Hardscaping Projects

Complete Image Outdoor Solutions provide hardscape contractors services that will suit your backyard needs and complement your garden layout. Your outdoor landscape cannot be all green. It needs details and an interior that will be functional and decorative at the same time. Hardscapes provide a pleasant ambiance to the dull green surrounding.

Deck Building and Installation

Backyard decks are one of the most common hardscape installations being made. Outdoor decks are functional spaces where the whole could hang out or dine. There are different materials you can use in building your backyard deck.

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Composite Deck Building and Installation

Installing composite backyard decks is quite meticulous as it requires following strict guidelines on the installation. Professionals need to be aware of the thermal expansion especially when they are dealing with plastics. Temperature tends to change throughout the year which can cause issues on how decks are spaced in winter and summer. Composite decks are built to be installed with hidden fasteners.

Deck Building and Installation Preparation

When planning for backyard deck installation, one must ensure that there is enough area where the deck will be installed. You have to clear the area for any debris to make it accessible to the hardscaping contractors. It is also important to check for all local permits, zoning requirements, and regulations necessary for building your backyard deck. Securing these documents is important before the building of the backyard deck as failure to obtain them might require you to remove the deck and start over again.

This is why hiring a professional hardscaping contractor is beneficial as it helps you understand the necessities and preparations you must do before starting the construction. Complete Image Outdoor Solution can help ease the job for you. Contact us at 910-376-2889, and we will set you an appointment with our team of professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable in building a cozy backyard deck for you and your family.

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