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Property & Landscape Maintenance Jacksonville


Property Landscaping Maintenance Service Jacksonville

Property Maintenance does not only mean keeping the backyard and the outdoor grounds clean but also functional. This includes repair of broken fences, lawn maintenance, gardening, and cleansing of open spaces. Property maintenance also includes extensive groundwork and landscaping which will give your outdoor property a cooler and more pleasant ambiance and vibe.

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Landscaping Maintenance Solutions in Jacksonville

If you are looking for a landscaping maintenance service in Jacksonville, Complete Image Outdoor Solutions offers extensive landscaping or groundskeeping services for your outdoor property. There are different landscaping maintenance services that you may need throughout the year.


General Maintenance: This is a basic cleanup of the outdoor property. This service includes weeding the plants, removal of debris and obstructions, removal of dried leaves and dead branches, and garden trimming.

Spring-Cleaning: Cleaning after fall may take more time compared to regular maintenance. This includes a thorough check-up of plant beds and perennial grass division.

Pruning: Taking good care of your house plants may require professional service especially for plants that need proper and correct trimming and hedging. Pruning of branches and leaves is important to maintain the health of the plant and to keep the plant in shape.

Raking and Mulching: Mulches, such as tree barks, wood chips, and dried organic materials, are important to keep plants healthy and improve the quality of the soil. Raking is important to level the soil and distribute the mulches to protect the soil from too much sunlight.

Lawn Maintenance: Mowing of the lawn makes your grass healthy as it grows thicker. Not mowed lawns are susceptible to disease and pests.
Irrigation: Landscaping maintenance includes the start-up or shut down of the irrigation system. Unchecked irrigation systems during seasons can cause damage to the system which costs more dollars to repair than to maintain.

Renovations and Renewals: Broken fences and garden displays need fixing. This also includes adding seasonal plants to your garden and regular check of plants’ health.

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